About our Events

When people are engaged in activities they are more likely to be involved in their communities.

Along with our KC Parks partnership, the Recreation Council of Greater Kansas City has had a positive impact for individuals, organizations and our communities. Individuals are given access to recreation planning and support services to participate. At the agency level, providers have developed capacity to include people with disabilities in existing recreation programs. Service providers have enhanced their collaboration efforts to support the ongoing provision and expansion of inclusive recreation services within the support network for persons with disabilities in the greater Kansas City area.


RCGKC Events (RCGKC Ability Days and Ability Camps)

  1. Provides an opportunity for people to engage in a fun activity, in an inclusive environment
  2. Allows service providers an exhibit/vendor area to connect with people in the community
  3. Offers community volunteer opportunities
  4. Brings awareness to RCGKC and drives people to website for event registration and after-event coverage


Community Outreach (RCGKC community meetings, social events & focus groups)

  1. Offers service providers a consistent face-to-face connecting point for networking
  2. Provides RCGKC a platform for professional feedback from community partners
  3. Supports RCGKC in program efforts (when RCGKC succeeds, all other organizations benefit)
  4. RCGKC provides support for special projects and partner organizations